3 Muskateers Has Adorably Encouraging Chocolate Bars Out

Content note: homelessness, hunger, broken social services

It cheers me up a little bit to see that 3 Muskateers bars have lately had encouraging little messages on their wrappers, such as “You’re unstoppable!” or “You’re awesome!” The company made a few videos to go with this project. All of this is for their anti-bullying campaign, “Throw Some Shine,” (Lukovitz) to encourage teens to be kinder to each other. I’m 24, but am still excited to pick one up at times like when I’m at the bus plaza, getting to yet another appointment that will probably go nowhere because the systems are so broken, and stop to pick one of these up at the plaza’s convenience store for a small solace.

A recent time I got one was when I was at the plaza before a doctor’s appointment for a new heart problem. Since I struggle to carry enough food home to properly grocery shop, and haven’t been able to get help (one person has allegedly agreed to start taking me once a month, but since I’ve kept falling by the wayside, I’ll stay skeptical until the day, if that comes, when she picks me up in her actual car for a grocery run) I sometimes get overpriced, limited-option convenience store food to make my survival just slightly less harsh. A social worker called me at the last minute, asking me to immediately get to the library to meet with him, in between the shitty lunch I was rushing through when he called and, let me reiterate, *an appointment for a heart problem,* not much later that afternoon. Meeting him turned out to be yet another loss, since he had said someone would come help me clean for my inspection to take a bit of the stress off my body as a disabled person; he also said he’d take me grocery shopping; neither of these things ever happened.

The food left in my bag as I scrambled to the library was a bag of chips, which I was trying to eat while walking, and one of those 3 Muskateers bars. A homeless person was sitting by the Red Robin, a restaurant in between the plaza and the library. I had no cash on me, just my card, so I gave him that chocolate bar.

Not that sweets accomplish much for hungry or homeless people. When I lived in a shelter, we’d have a muffin for breakfast; when I was in assisted living after that, we’d have cereal. Neither type of breakfast soothed my hunger. My blood tests still came back with too low protein levels. A chocolate bar is even less substantial than muffins or cereal. I guess it’s a little better than nothing in this fucked up world…and 3 Muskateers is taking an extra step to show us that they hope for us to still see the good in ourselves.

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